R&B maintains relationships with media that span the whole economy – and this provides significant benefits for clients. R&B’s Media Relations services ensure maximum media coverage – that is one message – for our clients. That coverage builds brand awareness and generates new business leads from prospects seeking credible information from strategic media outlets.

R&B‘s strong media relationships are based on a business-to-business focus that is credible, highly informed and proactive. Combined with our state-of-the-art and online news distribution system, R&B delivers news to the right media at the right time. Not only do we ensure that your news is published, we monitor the different media to assure you of the publication and send you online reports to verify this.

R&B specialises in the use of web-based tools to publish press releases, reach out to media contacts, provide clients with positive visibility in both the electronic and print media and develop a friendly rapport between influential media opinion leaders and our clients. Our close relationship with the media ensures that clients get zero negative publicity.

We also provide a specialised print media news monitoring service to organisations. This service is specific to the needs of multi-national companies and large corporate organisations for daily monitoring of content of media publications with direct or remote connections to their operations. News media monitoring is a core area of Media Relations which has hardly received corporate attention due largely to the inadequacy of in-house capability.

On the real-world level, R&B purchases daily newspapers and weekly news magazines – the quantum and scope of which would be agreed on with the client – and scans for news items about the organisation/industry with the sensitivity of an in-house person. Of course we also set up our unique online clipping service that drops your news on your desktop. Weanalyse the various news items with the eye of an outsider, whether positive or negative, and proffer suggestions on how to manage issues that arise there-from. We can also generate reports and analyses to be forwarded to clients on a monthly basis, except on occasions of news breaks and requests for tracking a particular item. These reports and analyses are sent online to clients and are their desktop for their perusal whenever they need to.

On request, we can also provide an extra bouquet of clips involving policies and events that may or may not be directly related to the organisation but with socio-political or economic implications on its operations.

However, our cutting-edge internet monitoring service is our prime offering which is second to none in the business.